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Show Break Down

Genre: Network Halloween Programming
Target Audience: Family
Rating: Various
Description: ABC Family's hit Halloween programming block featuring something for everyone including spooky movies, reality shows, and more.
Status: Returning for 2007

Show News

The 2007 schedule has just been released and it is a great mix of scary movies and paranormal programming, including some classic episodes of Scariest Places on Earth in an all day marathon. ABC Family's Official 13 Nights Page has also been updated, but is only a shell of last year's version. Fortunately the programming is on par with past years.

Friday, October 19
7:30 PM -- E.T. (ABC Family Premiere)

Saturday, October 20
11:00 AM -- Casper Meets Wendy
1:00 PM -- Teen Witch
3:00 PM -- Hocus Pocus
5:00 PM -- Tim Burton's Corpse Bride
7:00 PM -- E.T.
9:30 PM -- E.T.
12:00 AM -- Teen Witch

Sunday, October 21
12/11c -Tower of Terror
2/1c - Casper Meets Wendy
4/3c - The Little Vampire
6/5c - Tim Burton's Corpse Bride
8/7c - Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed
10/9c - Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed
12 midnight/11c - Urban Legend

Monday, October 22
12:00 PM -- Beetlejuice
2:00 PM -- Hocus Pocus
4:00 PM -- Tim Burton's Corpse Bride
6:00 PM -- Beetlejuice
8:00 PM -- Nature of the Beast (ABC Family Premiere)
10:00 PM -- Nature of the Beast

Tuesday, October 23
7:30 PM -- Poltergeist

Wednesday, October 24
8:00 PM -- Nature of the Beast
Thursday, October 25
8:00 PM -- The Village (ABC Family Premiere)
Friday, October 26
8:00 PM -- An American Haunting (Basic Cable Premiere)

Saturday, October 27
8:00 AM - 8:00 PM -- Scariest Places on Earth Marathon
8:00 PM -- Stephen King's It
12:00 AM -- Boogeyman

Sunday, October 28
12:00 PM -- Matilda
2:00 PM -- The Little Vampire
4:00 PM -- Casper
6:00 PM -- Matilda
8:00 PM -- Scooby Doo
10:00 PM -- Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

Monday, October 29
8 :00 PM -- Casper
Tuesday, October 30
9:00 PM -- The Haunted Mansion (ABC Family Premiere)
Wednesday, October 31
7:30 PM -- Poltergeist
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About the Show

Fox Family created The 13 Days of Halloween in 1998. The programming block became one of the biggest successes of the network, being repeated in 1999, 2000, and 2001. In late 2001 ABC purchased Fox Family and the channel offically relaunched it as ABC Family on Saturday, November 10, 2001. Several changes were slowly made,eventually leading to the demise of weekly scary shows such as Scariest Places on Earth and Real Scary Stories. The 13 Nights of Halloween 2002 was ABC Family's take on Halloween programming which was very similar to the Fox Family approach. The 13 Nights of Halloween 2003 is the lost year as new programming executives decided not to air the successful programming for reasons that remain unclear. However, even more new executives seem to have a different feeling on the matter. The 13 Nights of Halloween returned in 2004, featuring reruns of Scariest Places on Earth, the premiere of the ABC Family Original Movie “The Hollow," and marathons of popular shows "Smallville" and "Gilmore Girls." The 2005 schedule provided a return to more traditional paranormal shows and scary moview. In 2006 we were treated to few new Scariest Places on Earth episodes as well as some high profile movies, with the requiste bit of filler too. In 2007 Halloween falls on a Wednesday, shaking up the usual schedule. Weekends are heavily loaded with familiar movies. Weeknights typically feature just one movie, but there are three ABC Family Premieres and a Basic Cable Premiere. Scariest Places on Earth is not spread over the run, but rather concentrated in to one mega marathon on Saturday the 27th. All in all it looks to be another great year. Keep watching this site, especially the Show News section above for the latest updates.


Q: Are you Linda Blair? / Is this your show? / How is connected to the 13 Nights?
A: and Haunt Your Home Productions are not directly connected to the 13 Nights in any way. We are not affiliated with the production companies, ABC Family, Disney, or any other related entity. This is a fan site, meant to help people discover the 13 Nights and commemorate past editions.

Q: When is it? / When does it air?
A: Like the name suggests, it runs October 19-31 each year. For more specific information, see the Show News section above.

Q: What are the shows like?
A: The programs vary from year to year, but generally includes spooky movies, reality shows, and contests to win prizes. For this year's schedule, see the Show News section above.

Q: What happened to the 13 Days of Halloween on Fox Family Channel?
A: See About the Show section above.



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ABC Family's Official 13 Nights Page ABC Family Main Page
Website run by the network that owns the show, newly updated this year. Website of the network that owns the show, but no reference to the 13 Nights.

Take Action

Here are some ways to encourage the network to keep the 13 Nights of Halloween on the air. Send them the message that you support Halloween and spooky themed TV and that you will watch their programming. It is just this sort of encouragement that has brought back the 13 Nights for 2004 after its cancellation in 2003.

1. Write to officials at ABC Family and ABC Networks. Note: Please be courteous and respectful to these people. Being rude will only see to it that the 13 Nights get grounded permanently. The best way to keep them on the air is to express how much you enjoy watching and will do all you can to support its return, including telling friends to tune in.

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